Egdraw is a company confined to serve the drawing and design needs of the precast industry. Egdraw began its astounding work with an illustrious team. We proved our best by providing enormous services to the customers with the current technologies and presently dealing with many clients. Our team is thrived with skilled members who are ingenious on Precast detailing, Precast shop drawings, 3D detailing, and estimating.

Our philosophy with knowledge-based work is that training is everything. Approval drawings are for the client to check whether they have missed something, not for them to check whether we have done something wrong. This philosophy has taken us to the forefront of high quality steel detailing where we get virtually no mark-ups on our approval drawings.

Work flow and Quality Assurance

The important key factor to high quality accurate detailing in consistent fashion and timely submittal is strict adherence to a well defined and established process and work flow. Our work flow ensures the coordination

management & checking team work in rhythm and make the detailing team capable of accomplishing and handling multiple projects without erring on precision or time commitments.

. With a dedicated and qualified team of personnel, we are able to Provide Detailing & Drafting Services with optimized and affordable Construction Techniques for all types of Projects. We enjoy market leadership through a commitment to providing quality services & amp; cost effectiveness.

Benefits of working with us:

– Experienced and dedicated team

– High quality detailer services

– Respecting timelines

– Data security

– Faster turnaround time of work

– Create flexibility

– Latest technologies and software

– Competitive